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Lausjarn in a surreal simplistic world. Magical living statues roam the land. There is a core which harbours all energies of magic. One day, the core had been corrupted by dark magic. From that day onward, all living statues have been enslaved with a hive-mind. However, one of the statues manages to break free and be independent...................


  • Explore the vast nature of Lausjarn and the deep darkness of caves. 
  • In-game day and night simulation. 
  • Challenging enemies with bit of 'strategies involved' 
  • Vast powers to choose from to suit different play styles. 

Patch 040717

  • Replace Unity default tress with some custom made one.
  • Re-done the terrain textures
  • Trees are now randomly placed each time. 
  • Changed the sky.

 Our publisher has recently demended that we limit the sale of this game, whelther it is physical or downloaded. So get this now before the threshold is up. 

Patch 230817

* Fixed a button action error. 


Buy Now$9.00 AUD or more

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Try Windowed setting with 1280 X setting. Also, when you play the game from the beginning you will only see 1mm of the health bar as the one you sees on the screenshot are when the health been upgraded. Hope this help.

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